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Carpark Management

Thursday, 01 Jan 2015

Carpark Management

As you may be aware, use of the carpark has been increasing, especially on weekends. So if you live on the estate, please try to walk more and drive less, in order to provide more availability for members who live further away from the Club.

It has also been noticed that some members park their car in the outdoor carpark and leave their car for the day while they go elsewhere. This is not permitted under the Club’s Bye-Laws, as only members who are actively using the Club may use the outdoor carpark. In future any member found to be committing this breach will have their account charged $200 and their parking labels may be canceled.

There is also now a policy in place to restrict parking in the outdoor carpark to one car per family at all times. If you have to drive two cars, then one car must be parked in the covered carpark. Members who continue to occupy two carparks in the outdoor carpark will be charged $100 per infraction and may have one of their carpark labels withdrawn.

In order to prevent abuse of the member’s outdoor carpark by non-members and guests, if you park in this carpark you MUST have your valid carpark label displayed. If you don’t have your current year label yet, please apply at reception promptly, as cars without a valid label, or parked outside a marked bay, will be charged $100 to the offending member's account..

Last but not least, please be sure to tell your guests to park in the public carpark under the tennis courts when coming to the Club with you, as strictly no guest parking is permitted in the outdoor carpark and offending guests or non-member relatives will be wheel clamped and charged a $320 release penalty.