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Nostalgic Dish Promotion (Hong Lok Lau)   

Date: Friday, 01 Mar 2024 to Tuesday, 30 Apr 2024

Time: All Day

Take a journey back through time with our Nostalgic
Hong Kong Food Promotion, where we highlight
three exceptional dishes that echo the culinary
nostalgia of the city. First on the list is our savoury
雞蛋焗魚腸 - Baked Fish Intestine with Egg, a dish
that seamlessly combines the richness of fish intestine
with the velvety texture of eggs. Next, indulge in the
aromatic 韮王瑤柱鴨絲羹 - Shredded Duck Broth with
Chives and Conpoy, a harmonious blend of tender
duck, fragrant chives, and the delightful essence of
conpoy. Finally, savour the 鬼馬牛肉 - Sauteed Beef
with Fried Dough, a playful creation that fuses succulent
beef with the crispy goodness of fried dough. These Food
Highlights are crafted to evoke the flavours of the past,
inviting you to create new memories in the heart of our club.

Join us on this culinary adventure celebrating the timeless
tastes of Hong Kong in Hong Lok Lau.

Click HERE to see the dishes on offer.