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Wine Masterclass   

Date: Friday, 23 Feb 2024

Time: 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Wine Masterclass: Journey Through the Terroirs,
Styles & Appreciation of Wine & Grape varieties

Friday 23 February 2024

Grape Varieties Masterclass: Explore the Terroirs,
Styles & Appreciation of Regional Grapes

Take part in this enthralling Grape Varieties Masterclass
that immerses you in the diverse world of regional grape
varieties! Delve into the art of identifying grapes from
various regions. Explore a variety of styles, including
single varietals and blends, guided by expert tastings.
Develop a refined appreciation for the intricate nuances
of grape varieties and cultivate a sophisticated palate.

Beyond the act of tasting, true grape variety appreciation
engages all the senses. Delve into the examination of
grape colour and characteristics, identify distinctive
aromas, and elevate your tasting experience. Uncover
the correct techniques for savouring grape varieties, from
selecting the perfect glassware to the art of swirling and sipping.

The impact of water on grape varieties is a fascinating aspect
to explore. Gain insights into how it influences texture and taste,
revealing hidden flavours, mellowing any sharp edges, and
elevating your overall enjoyment with just a few drops. Join us
on this journey as we unlock the secrets of regional grape
varieties and enhance your appreciation for the art of grape
variety tasting.