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Carpark Management

Sunday, 01 Jan 2023

Carpark Management

As you may be aware, the carpark is at capacity at many times. So if you live on the estate, please try to walk more and drive less, if you are able. This can help provide more availability for members who live further away from the club. Also, families with more than one car should try to only park one of their cars at the club on weekends. Please note that the following regulations will be strictly enforced in the outdoor carpark;
1) One membership account may only park one car in the outdoor carpark at any one time. So please ensure that if you have to drive two cars on the same day, that one is parked in the covered carpark. Those who ignore this regulation will have one of their parking labels revoked and be charged a $100 penalty.

2) Members who park their car in the outdoor carpark while they are NOT actively using the Club for the majority of the time they are parked there (e.g. they are off golfing or visiting friends), will have their account charged a $200 penalty.

3) Overnight parking is not permitted, and subject to a charge of $320 per night. However, members who have been drinking and feel they are unable to drive home, may request from the lobby counter or bar staff to leave their car overnight. Upon presentation of an FnB receipt from that night for a minimum of $500, the overnight fee will be reduced to $50. The car must then be removed from the carpark prior to 11am the next day, or a further $200 will be charged. 

4) Please remind your guests not to park in the outdoor carpark.  Offenders will have their car’s wheel clamped and be required to pay a $320 release charge.

5) A member who parks their car in an area not clearly designated for parking, or blocked for other use, will have their account charged a $100 penalty.

6) In order to prevent abuse of the member’s outdoor carpark by non-members and guests, if members park in this carpark your car MUST have a valid carpark label displayed. If you don’t have your label yet, please apply at reception promptly, as member’s cars without a valid label will be charged $100.

Thank you for your understanding.